Burn Out Furnace
Burn Out Furnace
Burn Out Furnace :
Burn out furnace i.e. wax eliminating furnace has great impact in Gold casting process, silver casting Process or metal moulding process. Silver casting technique or gold casting technique are different as flask temperature of silver casting & Gold Casting or other metal casting slightly different. Flask temperature precisely controlled in wax eliminating furnace (Burn out furnace). Flasks filled with wax tree & investment powder placed in burn out furnace before complete Gold casting process or silver casting process. Burn Out Furnace supplied with Gold casting machine Produced by Power Tech Industries Rajkot Gujarat India are Best performing for Stone In Place Gold Casting or preparing Platinum Tree, Silver Tree, or Gold Tree.
The team of best professionals and skilled labours ensure best burnout furnace in the market. State of art infrastructure adds on authenticity to our esteemed range of electric burnout furnace. Due to special focus on research we are able to retain our place as one of the top burn out furnace Manufacturers in India. Usage of best quality raw material in production and timely delivery of orders have made us one of the most reliable suppliers in India.
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Burn Out Furnace
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