Wax Injector in 3 Model
Wax Injector Model : PT 101
Wax Injector
Wax Injector Model : 102
Wax Injector
Wax injector Model : PT 103
Wax Injector
Wax Injector , Vacuum Wax Injector, auto clamp Wax Injector & Automatic auto Clamp Vacuum Wax Injector :
Wax Injector is second important unit in complete Jewellery casting Equipment. And as other gold making machinery it also require high precision for making wax and later wax tree.  In jewellery casting process wax pattern affects gold, silver ornaments directly. And the result of gold tree, silver tree or platinum tree is mirror image of wax tree. So as in Jewellery Casting Machine unit wax injector requires high precise control. Jewellery Casting Process depends highly on wax tree result and so wax pattern must be clear & fine. Jewellery making machinery (wax Injector) reflects result of wax patterns. 
Our ample assortment of wax injector is in high demand due to its high efficiency and excellent performance. We are leading automatic wax injector manufacturers in India & supplying worldwide. We manufacture our vacuum wax injector from the high quality precise raw material & using advance technology machines. It has a solid and Special Metal tank which can store a large amount of wax at a time. It provides a constant and uniform pressure on the wax while injecting it. Our vacuum wax injector needs no maintenance due to its rugged construction and robust structure.
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Wax Injector in 3 Model 
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