Induction Melting Furnace
Melting Furnace
Gold Melting Furnace:
We are leading manufacturer for resistance heated melting furnace and induction heated melting furnace. Starting from 100 gms up to 10 kg we have gold melting furnace in different model. Gold melting furnace is basic requirement for Lost wax casting machine as before casting -- gold or silver melted and then poured in Investment flask for jewellery casting. We also manufacture Melting furnace for Gold Centrifugal Casting machine. Like other gold smith tools & machinery Gold / silver Melting furnace produced by us at Rajkot Gujarat India supplied worldwide.
Gold melting machine is thoroughly tested and completely examined for required quality parameters before dispatch. Gold /silver Melting furnaces are mechanically & electrically designed by Professional engineers so that Lost Wax Casting can give the best of its performance.  Performance of each gold making machinery is properly observed under rough and unyielding situations so that it does not create any problem at the time of Operating by Jewellery Caster. Gold & silver melting machine is fully customized to meet Jewellery Caster’s requirement. Considering Best quality factor we have in house advanced technologies to develop and manufacture best Gold Vacuum Casting Machine that have made us a front runner Jewellery moulding & casting machine manufacturer from India.
Manual Pouring Vacuum Casting Machine 
Induction Melting Furnace
Burn Out Furnace
Gold Melting Furnace
Vulcanize (Die Press) in 3 Model
Wax Injector in 3 Model 
Gold Silver Melting Furnace
Bottom Pouring Vacuum Pressure Casting Machine
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