Gold Silver Melting Furnace
Gold Silver Melting Furnace
Gold/Silver Casting Machine :
Power Tech Industries is a world leader in the manufacture of Vacuum Casting Machine, lost-wax jewelry casting equipment. We understand that Every Jewellery Manufacturer with different production capacity must concentrate on Best Jewellery Casting quality. Whether you cast thousands of flasks a month or just small quantity, the quality of each casting ornament must be at top best quality. Power Tech Gold/Silver casting machines produce the most consistent results worldwide. - The Power Tech Gold vacuum pressure casting machine can achieve Best Gold/Silver Casting result at lowest flask and casting temperature, it is most suitable for stone set castings or say Stone in Place Casting. Silver casting technique, Gold Casting Technique, platinum Casting technique and other Precious Metal Casting Machine manufactured by Power Tech Industries are depending on lost wax Casting Process technique. Mainly Metal casting machine are either Centrifugal Casting Machine or Vacuum casting Machine. Including quality Goldsmith tools & Goldsmith Machinery Power Tech Industries Produces vacuum pressure casting machine based on lost wax casting Process.
At Rajkot Gujarat India We provide a wide Range of vacuum casting machines which is manufactured from the superior quality raw material under the guidance of qualified Engineers. We are widely well reckoned as one of the Best vacuum die-casting machines suppliers in India & worldwide. In Metal Casting process - Platinum Casting Machine or Vacuum Pressure Casting machine comprises two tanks one help in Investment Vacuum & second for Lost wax Casting Process. The metal melting furnace supplied with Jewellery casting Equipment is with digital PID temperature control. Power Tech Industries offer excellent dense casting for Gold, Silver, Platinum & other Precious metal. It can be operated easily and handled comfortably without any trouble. In Special cases we provide Paid Training to Jewellery caster for Silver Casting process, Gold Casting Process, Platinum Casting Process or other Precious Metal casting Process.
Manual Pouring Vacuum Casting Machine 
Induction Melting Furnace
Burn Out Furnace
Gold Melting Furnace
Vulcanize (Die Press) in 3 Model
Wax Injector in 3 Model 
Gold Silver Melting Furnace
Bottom Pouring Vacuum Pressure Casting Machine
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